Many Americans look forward to retiring from their jobs, only to find they are bored and unhappy when they do. There are a quite a few ways retirees can combat this. Here are a few ideas they can do to stay mentally sharp and maintain satisfaction in their lives.

New Hobbies

Finding hobbies and discovering new passions is essential for life after retirement. There are numerous mental health benefits to be had by working on something new. For example, hobbies can be a stress relief. Working on projects like knitting, or woodworking can help you relax while distracting your mind. Hobbies also provide a sense of purpose for many people. This is such a basic yet fundamental part of happiness. Human beings want to feel useful! Exploring new hobbies will also help you expand the way you think. Some people spend 40+ years working in a specific field. It limits the number of perspectives and experiences they’re exposed to. Branching out is great for retirees.

Part-Time Employment

It might sound crazy, but many people actually miss working after retirement. Finding flexible, part-time employment might be the perfect solution for those feeling listless. It’s also a great way to combat loneliness. Many retirees feel depressed after they leave their jobs. They’re no longer connecting with people on a daily basis. Finding work is a great way to stay busy without costing any money. Participating in activities that keep you busy and add to your bank account is a win-win scenario.


Volunteering is another great option for staying busy and not spending money. Maurie Backman, a writer for The Motley Fool states, “If you’re not particularly interested in working during retirement and don’t have a pressing need for money, volunteering is a great way to stay active. Find a cause you’re passionate about and sign up to put in some time for that organization.” You can also take a more active role in your community by organizing a clothing drive or meal train for those in need. If you have a passion for helping others, this is a fantastic way to both fill time and serve those around you.

Keep Learning

Another great option to keep occupied after retirement is to learn something new. Whether it’s a new skill, or a completely new subject, it’s important to keep your mind challenged and sharp. Backman also states, “Retirement is a great time to expand your intellectual horizons. If you’re looking to fill your days, community college is a great place to start, since you’re apt to find affordable classes. Another option? See if local museums offer educational programs.” Learning something new helps build confidence. Challenge yourself! This is also another great way to combat the loneliness and depression sometimes associated with retirement.

There are so many things you can do to keep from getting bored during retirement. It’s important to challenge your mind and body so you can enjoy the years you’ve worked so hard for.

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