We often think retirement will be a carefree time, without work worries what do we have to stress about?! The children are grown and out of the house (hopefully!), you’ve saved enough to live modestly or extravagantly, and you now have the time plus the health to be able to live some big dreams. You decide which passions to pursue and which people to have in your life!  The personal side of retirement is just as important as the financial. You are retiring from work, not life! Consider the fun you’ll be having!


Maybe you have always wanted to write a book, move to a houseboat, or go on a year-long cruise. It’s advised to wait a time before completely upending your regular life and habits. Don’t make any major decisions for about 6 months–treat retirement as a vacation for now. Once you’ve taken a vacation and have a new routine, you’ll be better equipped to follow those big life changes.

Beat the Blues

Sometimes retirement comes without a plan. Not a big dream kind of plan, but a day to day realistic plan. Without a workplace, often social experiences dwindle. Plan to go out with friends, to attend an event or find a hobby in common to do together. Traveling with friends is fun, so is golfing with a buddy! Stay connected in whatever way is easiest for you. A book club, a church group, or a walk with a friend.

Life Coach

If you feel lost, without a sense of direction- you may want to meet with a life coach. Life coaches help support their clients making healthy and happy changes. After decades of work, may need to learn how to renew yourself, what you are interested in, and how you still want to grow. A life coach can help you embrace life with energy, creativity and passion. Don’t let yourself get bored – or boring for that matter! Go out into the world and meet interesting people.

Find Joy Now

Planning for the future is important but finding joy in the now is just as crucial. Practicing skills that keep you mindful and finding happiness in your current everyday life will teach you how to be happy in all situations. Finding a joyful state of mind can be learned, and think of all the benefits it will have- increased serotonin levels, increased energy levels, increased laughter, and increased overall happiness. Read an article here for ways to stop waiting to be happy and find joy in your life now.

Retirement doesn’t need to be about “aging gracefully.” Retirement is about embracing life with the same curiosity, courage, and life that motivated you when you were young! Whether you choose to live a life of service, a carefree life of traveling, following quirky hobbies, looking about grandchildren, or all of the above- it’s holding on to the most important things to you that matter. Retirement can be anything you want it to be!  


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